There are hundreds of small photos (cell images) arranged in a special form. It makes a large picture which has same looking as one picture (the main image). More Examples can be found on gallery pages.

Process of designing a mosaic. step1: Decide the project size. step2: Prepare the main image. step3: Prepare the cell images. step4: Send them to us, step5: Analyzing and mapping. step6: Output and printing.

Mosaic Size We can create poster size mosaics, You need a high resolution printing device for this kind of projects. there are no limit for mosaic size. common project include magazine, calander, poster, billboard, and large mural. the max project can cover a football field. or maybe two. What do you want?

Cost of mosaic design. Cost is calculated based on mosaic size and project details. There is a Average Price Table for your reference.

InfoShow me the Price Table

Main Image preparation You can use any kind of picture as the main image. We may crop your main image, adjust color, contrast, and brightness, and other advanced filters might be applied. For large mosaic project we can use complicated main image which contains more details. For small project, We suggest you to choose a simple main image. Here is a size list and corresponding sample main image.

InfoShow me the Main Image Example

Cell Image preparation.

  1. Keep your cells in same orientation. If your files are not in same orientation, we have to crop your cell images. it will extend the process time.
  2. Your images should be at least 800×600 pixels, but no larger than 1600×1200 pixels.
  3. In most case, we suggest you provide 200+ photos. the more photos we have, the better mosaic we will get.

What is the turn around time. Normally we finish a mosaic in 5-7 days. We offer a 2 to 3-day rush design service for an additional fee. Please contact for more details.

What if I am unhappy with my mosaic design? Our procedure is:

  1. Customer submit project requirement, we confirm that the order will be processed.
  2. Customer send picture materials to us. We make the mosaic.
  3. We send a online preview of the final mosaic.
  4. If you need any modification, let us know. We will do it.
  5. Customer accept the quality, and then make the payment.
  6. We send the digital file / printed mosaic to customer. No RISK for you.

What if I can not afford the price? Send an email to us if you need any help. We will provide you a discount price, or provide you a free service if it is necessary. Free Service might take longer than paid service, but it will be done within 2 weeks.


  1. You have exclusive rights to reproduce in any quantity the mosaics created by our company. By default PhotoMosaicMaker has the ability to use the mosaic as an example on our website, If you do not want photomosaicmaker using the mosaic in any form, please notify us upon receiving the final mosaic. 2.It is required that you copyright ownership or permission to all media that you send us (cells and source) if you plan to use this file for reproduction or distribution. PhotoMosaicMaker takes no legal responsibility for images given to us to be used in the mosaic; it is assumed that the client has ownership or permission to use all images submitted to us.

File Safety Once the mosaic project is done and confirm received by customer, PhotoMosaicMaker will delete all your submitted photos from our storage device immixxxxxxxxxxxx