Our mosaic design service provide you the following products:

Type Cost Personal Project Cost Commercial Project Turnround
Photo Mosaic (Digital file) 50$ - 200$ start at 200$ 3 days
Message Mosaic (Digital file) 50$ - 200$ start at 200$ 2 days
Pixel Mosaic / Dot Mosaic (Digital file) 50$ - 200$ start at 200$ 2 days
Tile Mosaic Work Plan (Consultation and Design) 100$ - 500$ start at 200$ 3 days
Cap Mosaic Work Plan (Consultation and Design) 100$ - 500$ start at 200$ 5 days

Digital Version’ means we will send you a high resolution picture file, in JPEG or PNG or TIFF format.
You can bring it to local print shop and get it printed, as many copies as you want. Digital delivery is the fastest way to send our design to international clients. Printing Service is availiable upon your request.

Personal project. If you want make a mosaic for home decor, gift, memory or similar projects, It is a personal project. To order a mosaic, send an email to Custom@photomosaicmaker.com subject it ‘New mosaic project’. tell me what size you want it be, and attach your main image. then we will check your mainimage and contact you for next steps.

Commercial Project. If you need a mosaic for commercial event, publish, reselling the prints, It is a commercial project. Commercial mosaics usually takes more time to finish, it is larger, more complicate, and more photos need to be processed. In most case, you need to email us first, let us know what you want, and we will give you our suggestions.

Process of design order:
1 submit your project requirement.
2 our designer will guide you to prepare your photo materials.
3 send your photos to your us.
4 we create the mosaic, and provide you a online preview version.
5 confirm it or request a modification.
6 pay for it.
7 get the full resolution download file. and USE it. all copyright will be transfered to you.

Please contact our design team to order your custom mosaic. Email: Custom@photomosaicmaker.com SKYPE: EasyMosaic Add me to Skype