Tile Mosaic in spiral pattern

generated by Tile Mosaic Maker.

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Photo Mosaic 10000 faces in one moon

generated by Photo Mosaic Maker.

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Cartesian and Delta, two types of Mosaic Robot

Hardware, Mosaic Robot

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Cap Mosaic Artwork made from beer caps

Great joy for artist and hobbyist

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PhotoRealistic Preview and Workplan

generated by Tile Mosaic Maker

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Roadmap 2023

  • Fast Mosaic is a Free and Rapid tile mosaic design tool, and it will be a bridge connecting Customer, Designer and Merchant. Beta Testing now. https://www.ezmosaic.com/software/fastmosaic
  • Supplier network will provide more choices for people who searching design/manufacture forces. Check our detail plan here: https://www.ezmosaic.com/partnership
  • A online gallery/marketplace will be established. We are inviting artists to join us, Artist can share their mosaic designs here, they will receive royalty if customer order a mosaic.
Fast Mosaic
Fast Mosaic, A rapid design tool for mosaic artist.
Partner Network
A bridge connecting Customer, Designer and Merchant.
Artist Showcase
Gallery and marketplace for Artist/Designer

Our Software

EZMosaic Studio provide you a series of mosaic softwares.
Tile Mosaic Maker, Photo Mosaic Maker, Cap Mosaic Maker,
Geometric Mosaic,Message Mosaic, Photo Maze, Color reducer,
Dot Mosaic, etc.

Fast Mosaic
Fast Mosaic, A rapid design tool for mosaic artist.
Tile Mosaic Maker
Stone, ceramic, glass and other tiles to mosaic artwork.
Photo Mosaic Maker
Create professional quality photo with your photos.
Cap Mosaic Maker
Fun for beer cap collector.
Photo Maze
A Maze looks like your face.
Geometric Mosaic
Combination of picture and islamic pattern.
Message Mosaic
Combination of picture and message.

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Mosaic Assembly Robot

Robotic mosaic assembly is the future of mosaic industry.
We provide industrial solution suitable for factories, workshops,
and smaller robots for artist studios.

Mosaic Pick-Mount Robot
Get your mosaic done by this fatigueless worker.
Disc Feeder
Store tiles and feeding them to picker robot.
Pallet Stack
Another kind of feeder.
Builder Package
Resource and guidance for robot builder

Our Services

Mosaic Design
Send your request and we will make it.
Software Development
Customize software to cover all your needs.
Project Consulation
I know everything of mosaic industry.
Mosaic Assembly Service
Our robot can help assemble your mosaics.
Sourcing Service
Help you to find suppliers and factories in china.
Printing Service
Printing, Framing, Intl Transportation etc

Online Render Demo

If you are running a mosaic business, try embed online render to you websites,
Provide online mosaic design service to your customers.
the render can generate a beautiful review and prepare order charts from your pricing talbe,
That will help your customer to make the decision of purchase.

Tile Mosaic Render
Submit a picture, convert it to a mosaic.
Cap Mosaic Render
Make a beer cap mosaic from your photo.
Turn your picture to a MAZE

Research, Experiment, Development

EzMosaic start develop mosaic software since 1996.
In our research lab, we are working with latest technologies, materials, software and hardware.
Our developer are chaseing new idea and new method to create mosaics,
We are creating new tools and equipment for mosaic artist and the mosaic industry.
We are happy to share our expermental projects and wish to hear from you.
Please feel free to play with us, and help us make things better.

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Teddy Mosaic Lab